Drexel University

The Conceptual Design Project

Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


Research Team:

Lisa Anthony, B.S. Computer Science, 2002
Jon John, B.S. Computer Science, 2002
original CUP design and implementation: Santiago V. Lombeyda, M.S. Computer Science, 1998
Dr. William C. Regli, Assistant Professor and Director

Download CUP!

Download the PDF version of the ASME DETC'99 paper about CUP!


Conceptual Understanding and Prototyping (CUP) is a tool designed to allow engineers to conceptually sketch in three dimensions an idea for a product design. The conceptual design phase of a product's lifecycle is very important in determining its overall cost, yet there are currently no software tools to aid engineers during this phase of development.

Our goal is to design and implement a tool for this purpose which will allow users to three-dimensionally "sketch" their concept, with the ability to "tag" the attributes and links of the objects in their sketch. The tool is called CUP, for "Conceptual Understanding and Prototyping", and this is our research plan...