Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Director: Dr. William C. Regli

Drexel University's Geometric and Intelligent Computation Laboratory (GICL) was established by Dr. Regli in 1998. GICL is supported by over one million dollars of direct external and internal research funding. The Labís current projects involve interaction with leading Universities (Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, The University of Maryland at College Park), corporations (AT&T, SDRC, Ford, Bridgeport), and government labs (NIST). We also have interactions with many local high technology and manufacturing industries in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region through these research projects and the Drexel University Co-op program.

The Lab is housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Korman Computing Center, and includes a heterogeneous network of Sun Solaris-based and Intel/Windows NT-based Workstations and Silicon Graphics Visual Workstation 320s with advanced CAD/CAE, graphics and visualization capabilities (three (3) 300MHz P-IIs, four (4) 450MHz P-IIs) and Unix (Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, Linux, IRIX) Graphics Workstations and Servers (one (1) Ultra 30, one (1) Ultra 2, one (1) Ultra Sparc 10, one (1) SPARC Server 5, one (1) P-II 266MHz and one (1) AMD K6-200, one (1) SGI Power Series); Cylink Virtual LAN encryption hardware; as well as a Bridgeport VMC 600 Vertical Machining Center. The Laboratory has the latest CAD/CAM/CAE, Database/Product Data Management, and development software systems: SDRC I-DEAS Masters Series V6 (NT and Solaris), Bentley Microstation Modeler, EZ-CAM, Oracle Server and SDRC Metaphase/EVista (PDM) (NT and Solaris), GeoPlex Electronic Commerce System (AT&T), Adams (mechanism analysis), Cosmos (FEA), Sunís JavaWorkshop, and Microsoft's Visual Studio Suite. GICLís disk farm includes over 250 Gigabytes of storage.

The Laboratory for Geometric and Intelligent Computation is supported by departmental and university networks, providing access to the Internet and the Pennsylvania Education Network (PrepNET) via a T3 connection. Departmental and GICL research computers have connection to the campus backbone at 100 megabits/second, and are also on the Internet II/vBNS via a campus OC3 ATM connection funded by in part by National Science Foundation Grant CISE/ANI-9729732.


Last Modified : July-99