Back to Main Extensible Semantics for Representing Electromechanical Assemblies

    Joseph B. Kopena and William C. Regli*
   tjkopena at cs dot drexel dot edu, regli at drexel dot edu

   Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
   Department of Computer Science
   College of Engineering, Drexel University
   3141 Chestnut Street
   Philadelphia, PA, 19104

(* also of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics)

Many representations exist for describing engineering artifacts. These representations come from a wide variety of work in many research areas with differing backgrounds and purposes. No unified representation has emerged combining aspects of existing schemes with an ability to easily grow and be extended over time. In this work we demonstrate the application of methods from the knowledge representation community to the domain of engineering artifacts, in particular electromechanical assemblies. We use conceptual graphs as a formal, cleanly extensible representation form. Aspects of several existing results are combined to create a unified representation and demonstrate the approach. We also discuss translation of the conceptual graphs to the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) in order to utilize and cooperate with efforts to develop ontologies for this domain.

The full paper has been posted for download [ pdf, 759k ].

Forthcoming, 23rd ASME Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (co-located with 2003 International Design Engineering Technical Conference); September 2--5 2003; Chicago, Illinois - Joe Kopena updated://wednesday/2-11-04?8.10.19