Back to Software OWLJessKB: A Semantic Web Reasoning Tool

       This is the homepage of OWLJessKB. OWLJessKB is a description logic reasoner for the W3C's Ontology Web Language [1]. The semantics of the language is implemented using Jess, the Java Expert System Shell [2]. OWLJessKB is a successor to DAMLJessKB, the webpage for which is here. Reasoning on the DARPA Agent Markup Language is not supported in OWLJessKB; such projects should continue to use DAMLJessKB.

   Currently most of the common features of OWL lite, plus some and minus some.

There are some very scant javadocs here. Please feel free to look at the source code and ask questions on the mailing list.

   The following downloads are available (in reverse chronological order). Archives are jar files. OWLJessKB works from inside the jar or can be extracted to retrieve source code.

   Fri Jan 21 20:39:21 EST 2005 --- owljesskb-20050121.tar.gz
   Mon Feb 23 15:35:20 EST 2004 --- owljesskb20040223.jar
   Tue Feb 17 20:24:03 EST 2004 --- owljesskb20040217.jar
   Tue Jan 20 12:12:26 EST 2004 --- owljesskb20040120.jar
   Mon Oct 27 21:06:07 EST 2003 --- owljesskb20031027.jar

   You will also need to download a few libraries upon which OWLJessKB is dependent; they're listed in the following section.

   As noted above, OWLJessKB uses both the Jena and Jess libraries. Both are required in order to use OWLJessKB. We do not currently package these libraries with the OWLJessKB distribution in order to avoid licensing and installation issues. Both may be acquired from the following links. Note that OWLJessKB was developed using the stand-alone distribution of ARP2. It should be compatible with the version of ARP2 packaged with Jena2. OWLJessKB has not been extensively tested with ARP1's Java interface or parsed RDF model. It seems to work, but there are many constructs which ARP1 cannot parse.

   Jena - HP Lab's Semantic Web tools, including ARP and Jena.
   Jess - Java expert system shell; supported by Sandia National Laboratories

  1. W3C Ontology Web Language --- WebOntology Working Group Homepage
  2. Semantic Web Activity @ W3C --- Center for all Semantic Web-related items at the W3C.
  3. Jess --- The Java Expert System Shell; supported by Sandia National Laboratories
  4. Jena --- HP Lab's Semantic Web tools, including ARP and Jena.
    All materials developed under this project are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). A local copy of the full text of this license may be found here [txt] and in the docs subdirectory of the distribution. An HTML version with links to additional resources can be found at the official GNU GPL site here [html].

GICL Acknowledgements
    This work was supported in part by National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award CISE/IIS-9733545, Office of Naval Research (ONR) Grant N00014-01-1-0618, and National Institute of Standards and Technology Grant #70NAN33H1026 (also funded by the National Science Foundation). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the supporting government and corporate organizations. - Joe Kopena updated://friday/1-21-05?20.41.44