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Prototyping Studio

KDI: Networked Engineering

Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Initiative

This project presents a vision of the global manufacturing economy connected through Internet and telecommunications technology. Manufacturing companies will cost-effectively design new products in direct collaboration with customers. The global information infrastructure will enable groups of companies to organize themselves into virtual corporations and configure custom networks to support their collective activities. Supporting engineering and manufacturing activity in this future vision requires highly interactive technologies to conceptualize, design, test, plan, fabricate, and serve products: Virtual and Interactive Prototyping (VIP). There are three multi-disciplinary thrusts to achieve these goals: (1) Collaborative negotiation for engineering decision making; (2) Proactive design and simulation software systems; and (3) Design knowledge repositories, for archival and reuse of complex experience. VIP is a fruit of the growth in computer power and networking connectivity, and will dramatically reshape the relationships among creators and consumers. VIP increases the effectiveness of engineering teams, industry organizations and consumer communities that work together across distances and over time to rapidly and economically produce the most desirable products.

KDI is a joint research initiative of CMU, Drexel, and USC. It is funded by the NSF Grant CISE/IIS-9873005. Funds approximate $1.2M. An official program name is NSF Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI) Initiative. A project has been in progress since October 1998. It is one of the 40 projects selected in 1998 (out of 695 proposed).

Principal Investigators and Students involved:


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