Human Factors
Prototyping Studio

Prototyping Studio


  • Deploy a testbed of Collaborative Design Studios that integrate Internet technologies and collaboration/multimedia tools with systems and internet-worked engineering and fabrication services.
  • Evaluate this environment to identify the critical data needed to archive the design process and to create tools that will allow designers to navigate the data.




We partition our problem into three distinct spaces: design space, collaboration space, and knowledge space. All three are interconnected and depend on each other.

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Collaboration Space

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  • ViCAM Video Camera
  • Microsoft NetMeeting share applications, whiteboard, chat
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft Internet Locator Server
  • Email / HyperMail
  • Microphone/headphone set

We are currently setting up a prototyping studio. This studio will be fully equipped with videoconferencing tools which later will be integrated with design tools. The example of a collaboration scenario is shown above.

A participant establishes a connection to other collaborators through the special network server and starts the session. Users can interchange data and share applications. All the activity is archived for the project purposes.


Design Space

CAD tools:

  • I-DEAS
  • ProEngineer
  • Bentley System's MicroStation

Knowledge Space


MS theses from Drexel University GICL lab

Design Repository:

The Repository is a global digital library of of Computer-Aided Design Data from domains such as Mechanical Design (MCAD), Architecture(A/E/C), and Electronics (ECAD).

Our goal is to give students, educators, researchers, and industry access to a wide variety of problems and provide a local point for collaboration, allowing researchers to post challenge problems to a wide audience, share results, or perform larger-scale experiments requiring bigger data sets with industrially-relevant data.

For more information, Please visit National Disign Repository.


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