Companies and Regional Resources:

  Related Research and Research Centers:

  Center for Design Research -Stanford University

Concurrent Engineering Research Center -West Virginia University

The Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing -Ohio State University

I-CARVE Laboratory -University of Wisconsin

Interactive Manufacturing Analysis and Design Critiquing -University of Maryland

Integrated Manufacturing Lab -U.C. Berkeley

  Information Pages:
  • AID 2000
    Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Design

  • ASME
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • CAD Group Information
    Mechanical engineer's communication center

  • CAE
    Computer-Aided Engineering publication

  • ICED 99
    International Conference on Engineering Design
  • OpenGL
    Headlines, downloads, and coding tutorials & techniques

    Conference on Technology & Automation

  • NIST
    Government agency that applys technology to industries

    UCI Machine Learning Repository

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